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Friday, Apr. 10th 2015

Foot Pain Center of Kansas City Goes Ouchless!



Approximately 20% of Americans fear doctors and needles and an even larger number of people don’t like having their feet touched or examined. Having sore feet effects everything – your mood, your lifestyle, your work, and your stress levels. Foot pain, coupled with a fear or dislike of doctors and needles, generally means taking large amounts of over the counter pain relievers (which can lead to stomach problems) and trying various home remedies (which usually only provides temporarily relief). So what do you do when you are in so much pain that you don’t want to move and the only relief you can get is from a doctor and an injection?

We suggest you visit the Foot Pain Center of Kansas City. Dr. Goldstein believes you deserve lasting pain relief without any added anxiety. Yes, most procedures that produce foot pain relief involve injections; however, our practice takes pride in utilizing methods that help decrease the injection discomfort.

We call the injections we give- “Ouchless Injections” because we use a device that literally vibrates the pain and discomfort away. It is called the Vibration Anesthesia Device™ and it was developed to make injections virtually painless. The device is about the size of a pack of gum, specially designed to vibrate the skin right next to the injection site. Receptors in your skin, when vibrated, prevent nerve cells from transmitting pain signals. Your brain does not receive the “pain” message so there is no pain.

Even though plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been using vibration to decrease pain from injections for years, Dr. Goldstein was skeptical at first, but then decided to give it a try on a few willing patients. Once his patients said it worked and they preferred the ouchless injections, he adopted the use of the Vibration Anesthesia Device for all his patients.

It doesn’t have to hurt to get relief from your foot pain! Visit the Foot Pain Center of Kansas City and go Ouchless!

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