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Ouchless Injections

We understand that having foot pain can negatively affect one’s emotions. It interferes with your lifestyle and your work. We also realize it can create anxiety to have someone, even if it is a doctor, touch and examine your feet. Having to undergo an injection to treat the foot pain makes it even worse.

Our practice is takes pride in employing methods that helps to decrease the pain from the different kinds of injections that are administered in the office.

We call the injections we give- “Ouchless Injections”

There are several things that can be done to deliver an ouchless injection.


What Foot Pain Center of Kansas City does to reduce pain from injections?

  • Instill a relaxed atmosphere
  • Offer headphones with music
  • Add a buffer to the solution to reduce stinging
  • Warm the solution prior to injecting to bring it up to body temperature.
  • Reduce the force and pressure of the injection
  • Utilize the Vibration Anesthesia Device™
  • Utilize the Madajet



What is the Vibration Anesthesia Device™?

Goldstein Office 8Vibration has been shown to minimize pain. There are special receptors in the skin that when stimulated by vibration, prevent nerve cells in the spinal cord from transmitting pain signals. The use of vibration has been used to decrease the pain from facial and other injections in dermatology and plastic surgery.

The Vibration Anesthesia Device is a small device (a little bigger than a pack of gum) specially designed to vibrate the skin right next to the injection site, but not interfere with the injection itself.

We were skeptical at first, but patients are preferring the Vibration Anesthesia Device prior to all our injections.


The Advantages of the Vibration Anesthesia Device™ over Ethyl Chloride

Many doctors use a freezing solution called Ethyl Chloride to “numb” the skin before an injection. Dr. Goldstein has found that this spray is actually irritating and more painful. Since it is a liquid, it spreads over a much wider area than where the injection is actually being done. Freezing the skin hurts and draws attention to the site. Vibration is soothing and distracts attention away from the injection process.

Just a few of the Side Effects of Ethyl Chloride are:

  • Inhalation Hazard (headache, dizziness, narcotic effects, etc.) *
  • Skin Contact Hazard (may cause frostbite) *
  • Eye Contact Hazard (irritant to mucosal tissues) *
  • Chronic Exposure Hazard (tremors, speech disturbances, hallucinations, etc.) *

The V.A.D. has absolutely no side effect whatsoever, except that some people may say it tickles! The Vibration Anesthesia Device™ is a brand-new alternative to Ethyl Chloride for injection pain management.

(*Source: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Ethyl Chloride, July 2008)


What is a Mada Jet?

A Mada Jet is a cylinder device that contains a vial which is filled with Novocain. It uses air pressure to impart a very small amount of the Novocain under the skin to numb the skin prior to the injection. The Novocain medicine is the same anesthetic medication used during the regular injection process. The Mada Jet is excellent for use in children and those patients that are very anxious regarding needles.

The Mada Jet can be used in conjunction with the Vibration Anesthesia Device to make the entire injection process virtually painless.

There is no reason that getting an injection should be a “traumatic experience”.

Dr. Goldstein will discuss with you these types of alternatives to make any injection a much more pleasurable experience.





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